• Statement

    I work and live in the great city of Chicago. I studied political science at the University of Chicago. I like to think of my work as unique visual-spatial extensions of the learning process. In each piece, I develop a visual language that corresponds to discourses in contemporary philosophy and the social sciences. Discourses surrounding post-industrial life, human emotion and behavior, moral economies and human-animal studies are central interests in my recent work. Forgive me, but above all, I aim to build arresting visual experiences that some may find discomforting. My goal is to develop visual information which I employ throughout my work to describe a wide range of modern human concerns, many of which are unpleasant. Some artists have described the process of art making as an act of exorcism. I find this to be an apt descriptor of my work, as I regard the objects I produce as fetish, vested with a persuasive, disquieting energy. I see my work as communicating intellectually complex or even ineffable ideas in visceral, emotional terms, as tools to provoke introspection, facilitate catharsis and build awareness. The goal is to thrust something forward and, as Jung said, “… bring the unconscious elements into view so that they may be accessible to the intelligence.”