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The Hegemon's Veil
The Hegemon's Veil
Graphite, Ink, Pen, Watercolor, Acrylic, Gold Leaf
W16 x H20 x D1.5 w Frame W24 x H28 x D1.5

I explore the Western epistemological foundation of "humanness". My intention was to explore the plausibility of a systematic bias in traditional Western ontological attitudes to the non-human, a pervasive ethos of human exceptionalism derived arguably from epistemological foundations of the "divine human". Here, I've made multiple references also to the art-historical tradition of iconographic painting, which I took as a means of propagandistic communication. Here I use St. Veronica's veil, an "Acheiropoieta," or miraculously occurring object, historically employed as argument for the existence of the divine, but also as affirmation of the authority of the church. I thought in this case of a correlation between the "proof" of acheiropoieta and larger ontological dogma, including the “divine man”. I employ anatomic imagery in contrast as representation of the ephemeral, mortal status of man. This piece considers the writings of Peter Singer, Georgio Agamben, Derrida, and Gary Steiner.