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Mens Agitat Molem (The Mind Moves)
Mens Agitat Molem (The Mind Moves)
Oil on Canvas
W148 in x H48 in x D2 inches in carved frame (not pictured)

This piece was the beginning of my thinking of prevailing latent ethical constructs affecting human behavior including divinity, sanctity of life, anthropocentrism and environmental philosophy and ethics. As in "HereThere" I was thinking again about metaphysical implications of thought manifesting in reality, and of a more complete visual language for Schrodinger's Cat. In this piece I thought about human agency and more specifically about metaphysical possibilities. I envisioned the moment immediately preceding an action and two potentialities existing simultaneously. I thought of this moment as analogous to the tenuous moment humanity presently finds itself in. I think promoting ontological exploration and collective self awareness of our interdependent relationship with other parts of the natural world is critical to fording current and future logistical and ethical challenges. But the straw I’m grasping at here is to approach this exploration from some rational and scientific grounds, to develop a truthful concept of the self.