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The End: The Beginning, And So Forth
The End: The Beginning, And So Forth
Oil Paint, Acrylic Airbrush and Oil Based Paint Pen on Canvas
W30 x H40 x D1.5 inches

Here, I was thinking again of the insanely difficult mental proposition presented by self-awareness of mortality. I was also thinking of life and death in terms of a stark dichotomy of consciousness: either the presence or absence of neuro-chemical, and electrical occurrences and signals. This begs ontological questions about the nature of living, the soul, etc., and the plausibility that our present manifestation of consciousness may be a point (though fleeting) existing on a continuum of consciousness. Could this particular consciousness reconstitute or coalesce around the same star matter? This may be naive or oversimplified, but I though, given infinity, couldn't anything happen? See: the Infinite monkey theory.