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Transcription Error #1
Transcription Error #1
Media Assemblage-wood boards, Plasticine clay, lightbulb and light fixture, toilet bowl cleaner, resin
W18 x H32 x D4 inches

This is a sculptural expression (and the first iteration) in a series exploring the biological and data processing phenomenon of transcription error-the loss of fidelity in data (or ideas) when copied (or inculcated). I was thinking of transcription error in the context of an analogue for value accretion, the transference of culturally reinforced goals through social strata, generations, etc. Most notably I was interested in the concept of the relative malleability of social values, which are, when taken from the perspective of those within a social milieu, often perceived to be immutable and/or universal. I was interested in visualizing the loss of some value or another as this fluid structure is modified from generation to generation in responsive to newly developed cultural demands and individual needs