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Transcription Error #4
Transcription Error #4
Graphite, Black Gesso, Clear Gesso, Oil Paint, Oil Stick, Oil Based Paint Pen, Acrylic, Metal Foil, Resin
W72 x H48 x D1.5 inches

I typically like to approach a question from the perspective of multiple media. This painting is my most recent and is in the series exploring visualization of transcription error. I hope it reflects an interest in exploring the use of new materials paradoxically adding by removing and obscuring. I began this piece, as I typically do, using graphite, under painting, grisaille and glazes, etc., achieving a sort of visual clarity in the content as in my other work that I found insufficient with respect to the subject. I began perceiving an unwanted contradiction between the relative clarity of the composition and the aim of the piece: to describe the chaotic process of value accretion and exchange. Through the use of additive and negative processes, I feel I was able to rework the piece, and better reflect the loss of fidelity in data that was my purpose to represent.