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These Days, Two Ways
These Days, Two Ways
Oil on Canvas
W30 x H20 x D1.5 inches

When making this piece I was contemplating the work of the sociologist Richard Sennett, who wrote one of the seminal works on modern, post-industrial alienation, Corrosion of Character. As in many of my paintings, symbolism is employed to relate a sense of physical confinement and discomfort, and a restrictive psychological anxiety. I was also interested in imparting the experience of malaise, a shared ennui suffered by the individual who functions within the autonomic structure of post industrial life. The symmetry of the composition, strict and harsh geometries, and sense of cold, machine-like dissociation among the figures, all reflect a constrictive uniformity, a claustrophobia felt through perception of the illogical nature of the physical space in the piece.