Work > Vital Winds-Master of Fine Arts Exhibition

In the Mahabharata, the great Sanskrit epic, networks of channels are identified through which flowing energies travel throughout the body, the vital winds. Vital Winds is on one level a recounting of a personal story of turmoil and recovery associated with health crisis, the relief of recovery and the elation of pregnancy. It represents an opportunity to embrace healing through confrontation with trauma, exploring personal psychological stressors of care, how the body relates to and even may delineate personal identity and speculates over the point at which the human transcends mere biology and ascends to consciousness. However, on another level, how this personal story is analogous to more universal themes and shared human experiences is equally important.

Designed collaboratively by the artist and his partner, Rose, the installation, utilizing Rose’s medical representations, attempts to create parameters that accentuate awareness of one’s own body through use of materials that are responsive to movement, constantly registering the shifting of human volumes around them. The dichotomy of the body is also contemplated, at once a place of wonder and creation, literally the seat of consciousness and reproduction, of existence itself, but also, at times, a vector of pain, suffering and bewilderment. Through awareness of one’s body and the ephemeral and tenuous condition of life itself, arises also a feeling of attunement with nonhumans and the plausibility of an interconnectedness between all things. Vital Winds implicates human existence within a biological continuum, a single part of a connected, cyclical, and recurring natural system that ebbs and flows in accordance with forces larger than our ability to understand or control, but within which we are supported and nurtured and within which each organism is beholden to the other.